Corporate Gifts for All Staff

Corporate Gifts for All Staff

Hi friends, Have you all gotten off the festive mood?  With the work-from-home and hybrid model options slowly fading off and employees being asked to join work, it may not be always fun to start regular work from the office.  So, here I am with a few tips to pep up your mood and kick start with a positive note.

Who wouldn’t want to receive gifts?  Receiving gifts from others could be nice; nevertheless, the pleasure and satisfaction you get when you are gifting others with your chosen gifts are a lot more.

A gift is often given as it signifies to re-confirm or establish our relationship with others.  In simpler words, they are a reflection of both the giver and the receiver, thus maintaining our unique relationship.  Giving a gift is a humble gesture of showing how much we care, and value, and how much their presence means to you in your life.  Giving and receiving unique and pleasant gifts from Wonderkraftz allows us to communicate our feelings openly, showing our appreciation for them, thus helps building, maintaining, and strengthening our relationships.

Corporate gifting is an amazing way to interact and show appreciation to your employees, customers, prospecting clients, and partners. The main purpose is to create a long-lasting bond and a strong and close relationship between both parties. 

When happy, an employee feels a strong connection with their employer they are more motivated and will be sure to give their best at work.  Happy customers become loyal and more trustworthy thus continuing your business relationship.  Hence, both ways, corporate gifting is good for the heart, soul, and mind, as much as it is good for your business.

Giving gifts to employees: Best practices followed:

Many corporate companies give gifts to their employees around the holidays as a mark of appreciation, and for special occasions such as anniversaries; primarily for the employees exceptional achievementsand new joiners.  Let us now have a quick navigation of the benefits of giving gifts to employees.

Giving gifts undoubtedly reaps many benefits.  Through gift-giving, be it at a personal or a professional level, is a mutually beneficial scenario that brings happiness to all. 

These benefits increase the following:

Motivation: Gift-giving motivates your employees to work harder and perform better for the company.

Productivity: Better performance results in better productivity.

Morale: It boosts the employees as well as the overall company’s morale.

Value:  Giving gifts signifies that you have been thinking about your employees and finding ways to make them happy leading them to feel valued.

Generosity: You as a person in a higher position get the benefit of feeling generous.

Below are some popular occasions where employers give their employees gifts:

Joining kits

Farewell kits



Work-related achievements

Incentive awards

Work anniversaries

Examples of gifts

Giving unique, customized, memorable, and thoughtful gifts are a full-on experience.  It is an amazing way to always make yourself and your company stay at the top of your recipients’ minds.  You could choose from tangible items from Wonderkraftz to other items such as

Acrylic frames

Corporate boxes

Customized coffee mugs

Customized pens

Customized thermal flasks


Magnetic foil boxes

Name trunks

Passport covers

Sunglass frames

Wallets and pens combo

Gift hampers

For the voluminous wonderful employees onboard welcome kit, you could opt for a combo from sunglass frames, wallets, pens, keychains; etc, picking about two to three items of your choice.

So what are you waiting for?  Just pick up your phones and place orders.   Make your workplace a happening place, with a happy environment that your employees would love to come to every day.

Wonderkraftz offers flat 15% off for first-time customers on all orders above ₹ 2000.

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