The Essence of Gifting

The Essence of Gifting

Welcome to gifting essentials at Wonderkraftz-the essence of gifting Wonderkraftz is a store with all kinds of unique gift items, crafts, home décor ideas; etc.  You name an occasion and we are here to give you the absolute best gifts for everyone.  We have plenty of gift ideas that you could also customize according to the occasion and your needs.

You may not always know what exactly the other person is wishing for or it could just be an unsolved mystery; however, we at Wonderkraftz are here to help you find the best gifts for all on your list.  Making the most appropriate gift for you not only involves our creativity and efforts, but we have scanned the web, reviews, and polled editors to ensure we have the best unique gift ideas for all and all occasions.

Our exclusive range of gift articles includes simple gift items for your friends to expensive presents for people.  We also have an array of inexpensive gift ideas for your coworkers, and gift ideas for others that we corralled all into one epic guide for you to browse at our Website mentioned below, shop, and order at ease.

Now with the festive season around, you could be looking for gifts for New Year, birthdays, engagements, weddings, or you are looking for a housewarming ceremony gift.  Some of the gifts that you would prefer will very much fit in your budget and would nearly cost as much as cashmere throw.  All gifts from Wonderkraftz are available at budget-friendly prices.

If you are on the lookout for personalized presents, we have plenty of suggestions.  You could shop for our readymade products and what could be a better gift than a scrapbook or an album?  You can get to choose from a variety of albums namely anniversary trunk albums, first-anniversary albums, valentine trunk albums, baby boy albums, and birthday albums for a friend, cabinet albums, and so on.  We could also customize them as per your requirements.  The size of the albums varies and we also have mini-albums.  Our products are such that no two products can be identical as these are all handmade.  Similarly, the scrapbooks too could be customized as per your needs.  Other amazing gift product is the Explosion box, the Birthday explosion box, and the Chocolate explosion box which serves as wonderful gifts regardless of whom you would want to gift.

Who would not love roses, you can customize your boxes with roses, we have customized pink boxes with pink roses, and customized blue boxes with blue roses.

You can opt for Gift hampers such as two different anniversary hampers with two different gift items, also a Baby Board hamper, and a Farewell hamper.  You also have the Hookah hamper, Boss perfume hamper, and Cage hamper.  If your friend is a foodie and a chocolate lover you would want to surprise him/her with your amazing gift, you could go for a Brownie Cage hamper, Coffee mugs hamper, or Cupcake hampers depending on their taste.

The Brownie Cage hamper consists of:

*Homemade brownies

*It has original orchids further enhancing the beauty of the hamper.

The Coffee mugs hamper consists of:

* Very sturdy premium quality trays are made of leatherite.

* The hamper contains two coffee mugs

*.The goodies include Hershey’s kisses, Pringles, nachos, KitKat, and dairy milk.

*Furthermore the tray is completely decorated with lights, grass, and miniatures.

* 6 homemade chocolate cupcakes and a beautiful photo frame.

The Cupcake hamper consists of:

*It is decorated with flowers and lights to enhance the beauty of the hamper.


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